A Tribute to the Chewy J

1. " i'm thining of becoming a feminist, or dying my hair... it's just one of those days."
2. " Do you ever wake up sometimes and want to kill yourself? good times."
3. " I'm thinking of changing my style. I dunno maybe becoming more Osborne-ish"
4. " I'm really into Sweet Valley Books. I've been reading Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley Junior High, Sweet Valley University... sometimes it's realistic but sometimes it's just too much to think that there's like 5 suicides a week. who knows"
5. (insert self portait in kilt) " is this who you really want me to be?"
6. "here's a list of the clothes I have: 1 billabong shirt, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of black tights..."
7. "So I'm not sure who's prettier, me or __. Her style is okay but more guy-ish, well not really guy-ish. She's more like jeans and hoodies while I'm more like tights and long shirts"
Dear J,
I hope you aren't mad that I shared this the blogworld, but your words in the bound pages of your childhood journals were just too much to pass up.



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J. said...

HAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i just died of laughter at the library. i am getting stares. "good times."
----"the pearl has fallen to the ground. it might be right over there".
why don't we share a blog and a journal because all we do is read/write in one another's.