too bad Bill Murray isn't coming to represent.


A Tribute to the Chewy J

1. " i'm thining of becoming a feminist, or dying my hair... it's just one of those days."
2. " Do you ever wake up sometimes and want to kill yourself? good times."
3. " I'm thinking of changing my style. I dunno maybe becoming more Osborne-ish"
4. " I'm really into Sweet Valley Books. I've been reading Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley Junior High, Sweet Valley University... sometimes it's realistic but sometimes it's just too much to think that there's like 5 suicides a week. who knows"
5. (insert self portait in kilt) " is this who you really want me to be?"
6. "here's a list of the clothes I have: 1 billabong shirt, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of black tights..."
7. "So I'm not sure who's prettier, me or __. Her style is okay but more guy-ish, well not really guy-ish. She's more like jeans and hoodies while I'm more like tights and long shirts"
Dear J,
I hope you aren't mad that I shared this the blogworld, but your words in the bound pages of your childhood journals were just too much to pass up.




just like the movies, I eat from the trees.

The Dreamers

" The first time I saw a movie at the cinématèque française I thought, "Only the French... only the French would house a cinema inside a palace." "

3.15.09. I awake to find lady french and rb sleeping like little angels on the sofa, each with a faint smile on their lips. J says " Sometimes I think that if we are touching feet and holding hands while we're sleeping, we'll dream the same dream," I believe her.




R & J baybay

I just got off the phone with my dearest friend (and crustacian whisperer) Meghan K. Her grandmother gave her two tickets to see the Romeo & Juliet ballet tomorrow night. I think I just peed my pants. I fell in love with Shakespeare at a young age and his work still gives me tingles.

Initially I was planning on wearing fur, and jewels to the ballet, but I think that may be rather ornate for our later destination. After the ballet, and a bottle of wine (I imagine), we plan to head over to the pyramid to check out the NUScollective photo/visual art magazine fundraiser. You should check out the mag, they sell it at LSA, I'm into it.

Ps. Lady french and I found an apartment, we'll be moving in asap. You wouldn't believe the size of the patio, summer time wine and burrs!



Fur & Wine

Fur Friday was celebrated with some sweet babes, high-wasted bottoms and blouses, delicious thai, bottles of wine and champagne all in name of the wonderful squirrel Aimee for her bday.

Bday babe Big Red.

The night was started of with a classy dining at Sukhothai full of great conversations, secrets, stares at and from other tables etc. etc. Once the wine bottles were cracked open at Aimee's the night started to unfold, including careless behavior and photos which resulted in the spilling of a bottle (obviously no wine glasses were used) and my spitting wine all over Aimee's sink, her dance moves really are that great.

The worst mess. Laughing mid sip was a bad choice.

KB showed up, we finished dolling up and did a 'professional' photo shoot of 4 dames decked in fur, wine in hand. First stop" Reuby Tuesday's living quaters. So good to see him, he's a gem, not to mention a mega babe with mad drawing talent. We finally arrived at fellow's house in Wolsely, let's just say the copious amount of fur did not go over so well...

Tired, passing out, and not to mention extreme uncomfort lead us back the little squirrel's apartment with intentions of ending the night with a sweet pal Cornelius.


We thought last night was bad, the morning was even worse. I'll skip the details, but really, blaring Madonna while 2/3 were feeling like they got hit by a truck lead to a few face-toilet bowl trips for some. After a couple of hours of recovery, we made our way to Fresh Cafe. They probably could have served us dog food and we would have eaten it.

My afternoon ended with a date at bar i with lady french , my future roommate/cuddler etc etc. We perused apartments online over lattes and got far too excited in search of our life-sized dollhouse dreams.

Photos to die for from Lolita, the outline for a new living space.
Today was one of the best Saturday afternoon I've had in ages, well spent with wonderful gems.

Daydreaming as always,

soundwaves: Buddy Holly