I think I need to get out more because I have nothing more to write about than the sirens I hear morning/night while in my apartment. But, it's getting nicer outside so you should probably light up my phone (or J's) and come over for some balcony beverages.

Okay, so this is what I've been up to since I left the nest and moved in with a baby bird name Janique.

1. Decorating our apartment with theme walls. Current themes: romance. foreign affairs, cultural centre

2. got myself a mini cat named Pascale, she is the best of cats.

3. got evacuated from our apartment abbruptly one Saturday morning when our landlord light her bed on fire. Typical.

4. drinking wine and candle lights; how everynight is spent at 14 Balmoral.

5. FINALLY riding my bike!

6. throwing out half of my closet (same with J) for a clothing sale. Soon TBA, which you best attend (females of course) if you want to get some sweet clothes for cheap $$$.

7. Making extravagant breakfasts on the daily. Here's some news: I have never met anybody that loves 'Dippy eggs' as much as Janique Vigier. EVER.

8. I soon will update some more Janique quotes from the repertoire, my lovely bird has the funniest things to say unintentially, also she teaches a great lesson on how to determine what is actually a mammal.

That's it for now, a mundane life has now been shared with the blogword. (Soon to be changed)




J. said...

i think my heart might burst into flame. explosions in the sky type.
''oneeee more daaaay'' (7am)
the fire: you and the cat in booty shorts, me clutching silk dresses.
''cats are questionable. birds are even more questionable.''

always and all.

k b said...

you also walk down furby with high fashion plastic bags. that is also news!! and you are to be in a photoshoot! look at all these things you forgot about!!!

ps: i only know about the furby walking just now because i saw you five minutes ago. creepin!

rL said...

what about ME and my fruit baskets and our wine and singing, and oreo spooning.

J. said...

''pascale i see you haven't done the dishes''
+record player!! (new)